Pillomat: Cushioning matting. Cushioned matting for covering of work and storage surfaces. A bonus wherever delicate components and tools are stored or handled. Pillomat is an all-purpose cushioned matting of tubular construction with air-filled hollow sections providing a lightweight working surface matting solution, which is ideal for a wide variety of industries - from marine compartments to general manufacturing. It is also extremely effective as a lining for shelving and compartments. Good drainage. Hygienic and easy to clean. Easy to cut on site, contours to uneven surfaces. Fire resistant. Extra smooth surface and tubular construction. Open grid. Made from non-porous flexible PVC (impermeable to fluids). Certified EN 13501-1:2007: Bfl - S1.

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Pillomat 60cm beige 10m Pillomat 60cm beige 10m
Code: 1010PM60BE
Pillomat 60cm donkergroen 10m Pillomat 60cm donkergroen 10m
Code: 1010PM60DGR
Pillomat 60cm rood 10m Pillomat 60cm rood 10m
Code: 1010PM60MA
Pillomat 91cm beige 10m Pillomat 91cm beige 10m
Code: 1010PM91BE
Pillomat 91cm groen 10m Pillomat 91cm groen 10m
Code: 1010PM91DGR
Pillomat 91cm rood 10m Pillomat 91cm rood 10m
Code: 1010PM91MA
Pillomat 91cm wit 10m Pillomat 91cm wit 10m
Code: 1010PM91WI
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