Tuff Spun Wear: heavy duty top layer for improved abrasion. Economical alternative for medium duty applications?. With an increased foam thickness of almost 50% onTuff Spun, and incorporating a top surface wear layer, Tuff Spun Wear provides extra comfort and improved durability. The anti-fatigue mat is suitable for most medium duty retail and commercial environments. Certified wear resistance ASTM 4060: <0.3 gram loss. Good slip resistance Extra cushion comfort. Heavy duty top layer. Embossed pebble surface. Supplied in 18mx0.91m rolls or standard modules: 0.91x0.6m, 0.91x1.5m and 0.91x3m.

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Tuff Spun Wear 91cm grijs 18m Tuff Spun Wear 91cm grijs 18m
Code: 1010TFSW91GR
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